April 21, 2016

Sexual Fetishism

Sexual fetishism is usually considered to be the specific interest in a particular object, aspect, or part of a person that incites a strong sexual… Read More »Sexual Fetishism


The touching or other stimulation of one’s own genitals or other erogenous zones for sexual purposes, masturbation has a long and complex history as a… Read More »Masturbation

Sexual Minorities

Sexual minority/minorities refers to people who identify, or are identified, as distinct from a presumed dominant and thereby normativized population in terms of their sexual… Read More »Sexual Minorities

Kinsey Scale

The Kinsey Scale of Sexual Behavior was first developed in 1948 to show how sexuality cannot be framed as purely heterosexual or homosexual but is… Read More »Kinsey Scale

Cisgender and Cissexual

The term cissexual is usually defined as “non‐transsexual,” and the term cisgender is usually defined as “non‐transgender.” Cissexual and cisgender disrupt the marked–unmarked relations between… Read More »Cisgender and Cissexual