Which will help you have a better sex life alone?


Don’t worry to live your life alone -orgasms will still come. Musterbation is the tool to make your time better by indulging yourself to stimulate your genitals for sexual pleasure. Masturbation consists of stimulating the genital organs or erogenous zones with the hand or by other means to provide sexual enjoyment, according to the definition of the Royal Spanish Academy.

This is a great tool to improve the functioning of the immune system and thus reduce the risk of infections, according to an article published in Sexual and Relationship Therapy magazine. In addition to these benefits, this will help you with the previous point as you will be able to better know your erogenous zones and what it is that you enjoy the most during sex.

« Through a greater knowledge of their anatomy, it is proven that self-stimulation helps women who have never had an orgasm to begin to experience them, » Laura Streicher, professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Feinberg School of Medicine.

Use your time alone, in the morning or evening, to indulge yourself. Photo: Pixabay

Full sex life: take care of your intimate hygiene

To be able to enjoy a full sexual life during this 2021 it is important to avoid infections and problems that can affect your health. For this you must have impeccable intimate hygiene and pay attention to the care it requires.

Experts Recommend use mild pH neutral soaps only on external organs, ie vagina, clitoris and labia. Internal douching is not recommended because it affects the vaginal flora, increasing the risk of infections.

They also say that cotton underwear should be worn so that the skin in the area can breathe properly, In addition to carrying wet wipes (alcohol-free) in your wallet, to use after each entry to the bathroom.

It is important to avoid infections and problems that can affect your health. Photo: Pixabay

Strengthen your pelvic area

A great way to enhance your orgasms is by strengthening your pelvic area. How to do it? Kegel exercises (exercises to strengthen the muscles under the uterus, bladder, and large intestine), yoga, and Pilates. By doing any of these activities you will improve the muscle tone in this area.

In addition to intensifying the sensation of orgasms and pleasure, It is a great way to prepare the body so that when menopause comes, you can continue to enjoy your sexual life without any complications.

A great way to enhance your orgasms is by strengthening your pelvic area. Photo: Pixabay

Make yearly visits to the gynecologist or urologist

Many people neglect their visits to the gynecologist or urologist due to the fact that they do not lead an active sex life. This cannot be an excuse. You must take care of vaginal and urinary infections, STDs, among other complications that you may suffer even if you do not have sex. Ideally, schedule a routine visit to the gynecologist or urologist at least once a year.

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