Biomedical discourses and sexuality

Biomedical discourses are uniquely implicated in the constitution of modern sexualities. This entry discusses some of the most significant sites of tension in which biomedical discourses have been applied, contested, struggled over, appropriated, and transformed, tracing the implications for sexual meanings, experiences, identities, categories, techniques, and politics. From the early constitutive work of sexology, to struggles over binary gender, intersex, transgender experience, and psychiatric diagnoses, sexuality has been a potent field of agitation in which the centrality and authority of biomedical discourses has been brought into question. The entry discusses constructionist, feminist, and poststructuralist challenges to biomedical discourses and describes the practical effects of these interventions. In the twenty‐first century, biomedicine itself is undergoing significant and wide‐ranging changes. Apprehending the impact of pharmaceuticalization and biotechnical innovation on sexual norms, understandings, and practices is presented as an ongoing challenge.

Source: Online Library, Wiley

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