Continuing Medical Education: Sexual Orientation Matters in Sexual Medicine (CME)

Introduction. Homosexuality is a topic that needs to be integrated into the knowledge base of the practitioner of sexual medicine.
Aim. To present to the reader a summary of the current literature on homosexuality and sexual orientation and address specifically issues that pertain to the relationship sexual orientation and sexual medicine practice.
Main Outcome Measures. The information is presented in a continued medical education format, with a series of evaluation questions at the end of the activity.
Methods. A review of the literature is presented and organized according to the authors’ judgment of the value of the information as to provide the reader with an inclusive panorama of the issues covered.
Results. Current concepts, debates, and need for further research are presented.
Conclusions. The professional of sexual medicine needs to be aware of the various topics reviewed in this article as his or her involvement in the area of sexuality can create the expectation on the part of the patients of knowingness of all aspects of human sexuality. Sexual orientation is a complex area but considerable understanding has fortunately been achieved in many issues in reference to homosexuality and heterosexuality. Rubio‐Aurioles E, and Wylie K. Sexual orientation matters in sexual medicine. J Sex Med 2008;5:1521–1533.

Source: Online Library, Wiley

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