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Eamonn Holmes helps Ruth Langsford feel ‘sexy at 60’

Ruth Langsford has admitted her husband Eamonn Holmes helps her to feel “sexy at 60”

Eamonn Holmes helps Ruth Langsford feel sexy at 60. The TV presenter admitted she has her insecurities but her husband Eamonn helps her to love her body.

She said: “I definitely feel sexy at 60, but a big part of this is thanks to my husband.

“I don’t have Botox or fillers so I see pictures of myself and go, ‘Is that me? Whose neck is that?’ Most of the time it doesn’t bother me and a lot of my friends, who aren’t in TV, well we all look like this.

“Eamonn makes me feel sexy. He tells me ‘You look fantastic, I think you’re really sexy, I fancy you’ and that’s great. He definitely boosts my confidence.”

However, Ruth admitted she can see her own flaws and they do bother her sometimes.

She added to Closer magazine: “If I’m honest, do I like my wobbly bits? No I don’t but I accept them. Of course I don’t look in the mirror and say, ‘I love you cellulite’.

“I do have a certain degree of confidence in myself but it’s not that high. I still think, ‘I’m two sizes bigger than I was in my forties’. I’ve got my wobbly bits I don’t like.”

Ruth previously admitted she would never have married Eamonn if he didn’t want more children.

The pair started dating in 1997 and since Eamonn already had three children from his first marriage, Ruth used their second date to find out if he wanted more kids as she didn’t want to waste her time.

The 60-year-old presenter – who welcomed son Jack with Eamonn in 2002 and tied the knot with her fellow TV star in 2010 – said: “When I met Eamonn, I obviously knew that he had three children from his first marriage to Gabrielle. I did talk about children really quickly. It was our second date. I didn’t just sit him down and say ‘Hi, it’s lovely to see you, I’ll have a wine please now – children.’ But I kind of engineered the conversation.”

Ruth admitted she would have walked away if they weren’t on the same page about kids.

She said: “If he’d have said ‘No I don’t want any more children, I’d have totally understood. I would have said, ‘Do you know what, it’s been lovely but let’s not take this any further because we’re going to break each other’s hearts.”

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This website will be sold


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