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Proline‐rich extensin‐like receptor kinases (PERKs) belong to the hydroxyproline‐rich glycoprotein (HRGP) superfamily known to be involved in many plant developmental processes. Here, we characterized two pollen‐expressed PERKs from Arabidopsis thaliana, PERK5 and PERK12. Pollen tube growth was impaired in single and double perk5‐1 perk12‐1 loss of function mutants, with an impact on seed production. When the segregation was analysed, a male gametophytic defect was found, indicating that perk5‐1 and perk12‐1 mutants carry deficient pollen transmission. Furthermore, perk5‐1 perk12‐1 displayed an excessive accumulation of pectins and cellulose at the cell wall of the pollen tubes. Our results indicate that PERK5 and PERK12 are necessary for proper pollen tube growth, highlighting their role in cell wall assembly and reactive oxygen species homeostasis.

Source: Online Library, Wiley

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