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Confessions: Moms are opening their (back) door

One of the best things about being a woman in the 21st century is that we are more sexually empowered than ever before. We know what we like and we know what we want. We know how to pleasure ourselves, which means we aren’t waiting around for someone else to bring us to the top of the mountain. We’ve got the backpack full of all the tools we need to get there all on our own if we want. But, if we are enjoying sex with a partner, we have options there too and we are in control of what happens to our bodies.

For many of us, that means anal sex. Or anal masturbation. Or anal play. Basically, butt stuff feels good, and we aren’t ashamed to tell it to the world. In fact, some women love backdoor entry so much that they prefer it over vaginal sex, and to that we say “Get yours, ladies.”

So if you, too, are finding yourself curious about feeling some pleasure in the pooper, or maybe you’re already a regular participant, look no further than our confessional. It’s full of anal sex loving moms, just like you.

Confessional #25778696

“DH is a lucky man. I love anal. We almost never do vanilla anymore”

Confessional #25776566

“I love anal more than regular sex. I’ve felt like a vile deviant my whole life until H came along and felt the same. Who cares if it’s unconventional, it works for us and I regularly orgasm so hard I faint. Where exactly is the downside? No shame anymore!”

Confessional #1626835

“Dh and I prefer anal over vaginal. He makes me orgasm so hard and intense. I am addicted to butt sex!”

It’s intense. It’s different. And if you love it, you LOVE it.

Confessional #25795146

“DH and I tried anal for the first time this past weekend…LOVED IT!”

Confessional #25790938

“At 42 I am just starting anal play and am obsessed. My ex would be shocked and jealous”

Confessional #25785704

“Going to try anal, what else is there to do these days?”

Confessional #23909914

“Brought a $200 couples vibrator n finally used it with DH last night. Awesome. Anal too, haven’t done w him in almost 3yrs. I used to b n anal princess back in day. Got off hard thinking of my power n the chosen 1s I let fuck my ass like a porn star”

Some relationships feel a new spark, or that a new life has been breathed into them when the excitement of anal sex comes into play. Whatever keeps the magic going—whether it involves butts, toys, or watching other people play with butts and toys—it’s worth it. Sort of like a form of relationship therapy!

Confessional #25812063

“started experimenting with anal during masturbation. it was great but dh has no interest. so its yet another secret i have. would not cheat, but semi hard dick and rushed sex is getting old. can’t wait for the last kid to get his own place. i need hot sex”

Confessional #25783052

“I miss anal sex, raw, rough deep anal sex. Hubby thinks it’s nasty and I never get any…”

Confessional #1457201

“With some liquid courage and lots of convincing my dh had to talk me into butt sex. Now I’m pregnant and it’s all I can think about and he won’t dare go there while I’m preggers. Damn raging hormones!!!”

Unfortunately, sexual preferences and desires are often one-sided. If your partner isn’t into doing it in the butt but you are, consider other options. Hint: you might need to shop online.

Confessional #25747497

“DH and I love ass play, but he’s waaaay to big to ever do full anal. We’ll stick with toys instead.”

Confessional #25761082

“I am disappointed that my DH’s penis is too big for us to have anal sex. I’ve enjoyed it in the past with previous lovers. Regular sex is fantastic though!”

Sometimes, a penis is just too big though. And that’s that.

Confessional #25517564

“The DH wanted me to try anal, I said you first. He agreed. I bought the proper gear and pegged him repeatedly until he couldn’t take any more. I told him I will never receive only give he is delighted with the arrangement”

Confessional #25267169

“I’ve been regularly pegging H for years ( and boyfriends before that). Lots of heterosexual men enjoy anal… Because it feels good. I enjoy the power.”

If your man is into anal and you like playing along, that’s cool too. It’s all good if everyone consents and is enjoying the party.

Confessional #25799101

“enjoy watching anal porn, but scared to try it myself. dh has no interest but i am too scared to try w/finger or toys. but it sure turns me on to watch it. hear it’s great, but afraid of pain or injury.”

Confessional #25783352

“I masturbate when my husband leaves for work in the morning to anal porn. The noises and grunts turn me on. It relaxes me & it’s my own little secret”

Sometimes just watching gets it done.

Confessional #25801659

“There is nothing that turns me on more than thinking about DH cumming inside my ass when we have anal sex.”

Confessional #25807796

“DH and I had amazing, nasty, porn sex last night! While deep throating him with anal beads and a dildo in me, all I can think now about is wanting to get gang banged!”

Confessional #25769657

“I never thought I would develop such amazing self anal skills. Or that I would want to.”

Confessional #25768833

“Anal sex with this guy has been THE BEST I’ve ever had. I was never into it before, but he’s turnt me into a certified freak!!”

The bottom line is that, for many of us, it’s the best sex ever. And you really can’t top that, can you?

Girlfriends, there’s no shame in your sex game—whatever makes you feel good, you should do it with pleasure. (Literally.) More and more women are opening up about their affinity for sex that involves the butt, and they should feel zero shame. In fact, they should feel empowered that they know exactly what they want and are encouraging other women to learn the same about themselves and then go get it.

The only real recommendation we have is this: LUBE is your friend. Other than that, have at it and check back in our confessional to let us know how it goes!

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