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Healthy Aphrodisiacs For Sexual Wellness

Healthy Aphrodisiacs For Sexual Wellness

By Chinelo Eze

Aphrodisiacs come in different forms of foods, used during sex for a great coupling. Many spend their time to improve and make sex memorable and pleasurable by incorporating elements to spice up the moment.   In order to make sex pleasurable, aphrodisiacs are usually used to spark the moment and increase sexual pleasure as aphrodisiac increase sexual instinct and performance.

Instead of using a myriad of drugs set to boost libido, here are ways to keep your sex life green and fresh the healthy way.

Oysters: While one study reports that they may have some libido-boosting effects in rats, no studies exist to support the libido-enhancing properties of oysters in humans. According to Diana Hoppe an obstetrician and gynecologist she said “Oysters contain high amounts  of zinc, a mineral important in production of testosterone, sperm production and immune function.”

Honey: is one of nature’s gifts to man that has been extensively for centuries in different ways.  It is  believed to bring romance into marriages and still holds place today as being a sex stimulant. Two spoons of honey will do the trick and it will keep you young and radiant when used.

Watermelon: is a rich source of non essential amino acid and citrulline. The citrulline is believed to have the same effect of relaxing and dilates blood vessels like Viagra and other drugs meant to treat erectile dysfunction. The citrulline in water melon according to an expert Diana Hoppe “results in increased blood flow, blood vessel relaxation and sexual arousal.” To get the most of citrulline, it is concentrated at the rind of the watermelon.

Strawberries: is another fruit with the aphrodisiac ability to make sex great. It is rich in vitamin C to keep the blood flowing seamlessly to all parts of the body. On how effective it can be Hoppe says “As with many of these aphrodisiacs, it contains ingredients important to sex hormone production but there’s no way to guarantee it will increase desire,” she said. “They’re good for your overall health, though!”

However, some individuals prefer natural alternatives, as they’re generally safer and tend to have fewer side effects.

Maca: is a sweet root vegetable  popular in South America with several health benefits. It is popularly used to boost fertility, earning it the nickname “the Peruvian Viagra.” It grows mainly in the mountains of central Peru and is related to cruciferous vegetables, including broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and cabbage. In case you cannot get Maca you can get the cruciferous vegetables related to them. An animal study found an increase in libido and erectile function in rodents after consumption of Maca maca. Other studies suggest it may boost libido in humans, too.

Banana: another fruit romance booster taking the stage contains bromelain that triggers testosterone production. It is recommended for people with erectile dysfunction and aids in the production of healthy semen. As much as it is good for men it is also great for women. Rich in Vitamin B and potassium, it helps in producing the reproductive hormones. Literature reveals that vital aphrodisiacs come from the smell of banana bread, which was proven to boost arousal in women by 12%.

Fenugreek seed: as an aphrodisiac is also used for cooking. Studies confirm its effectiveness to increase female sex drive as well as haveing a larger effect on men sexual health. 

Tigernut: is another healthy aphrodisiac to help sexual health. It is great for libido boosting and increase of sperm count for men. A  study on mice showed that tiger nuts helped preserve testicular weight and sperm production and in 30 days after heavy consumption of tiger nuts, there was an increase in  testosterone level. 

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This website will be sold


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