Medicalization of sexuality

Medicalization of sexuality represents the process of growing medical authority over sexual experiences and sensations, which is sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry. Most often, it refers to the biomedical conceptualization and pharmacotherapy of sexual dysfunctions. The strongest criticism of the process of medicalization of sex, and the disease model it is based on, has been expressed in the context of female sexual dysfunctions. Ramifications of the medicalization of male sexuality have only recently been critically addressed. Overall, the process has resulted in more treatment options, new opportunities for an integrated (biopsychosocial) approach to sexual health problems, and higher public awareness of sexual dysfunctions. Serious concerns have been raised, however, that (over)medicalization of sexuality has been promoting a simplified perspective on human sexuality and contributing to normative pressures and social expectations regarding sexual performance, as well as to the marginalization of nonmedical sexology, particularly sex therapy.

Source: Online Library, Wiley

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