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Missy Elliott Says Tweet’s ’Oops (Oh My)’ Is Not About Self-Pleasure

Missy Elliott’s Twitter has been an occasional source of insight and delight, but today, she used the account to ruin the dreams of a generation of music fans. Replying to an… ahem… tweet about one of Missy’s fan-favorite collaborations, the genre-bending star debunked a longstanding myth about the meaning behind Tweet’s 2002 hit “Oops (Oh My).”

The original fan tweet posted an excerpt from the song, captioning it, “Tweet said Masturbation but make it a Bop.” However, Missy chimed in to clear up the accepted, 20-year-old origin story, offering up a #FunFact explaining, “This song was never bout Masturbation.” Instead, she said, “It was always about her appreciating her Dark Skin when she looked in the mirror.”

The assumption that Tweet’s song referred to self-pleasure sprung up in the minds of fans, and unwilling to shut them down, she said, “It was the listeners that thought it was about sex & just ran with it. We just let the consumer’s mind create what they wanted.”

The news was met with some disappointment from fans who’d bought into the widely-held theory to the contrary, lamenting Missy bursting their respective bubbles. Some even challenged her on it, with one questioning even more of Missy’s hits, although that fan can rest assured in the knowledge that “One Minute Man” was about exactly what it sounded like. Check out more fans’ responses below.


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This website will be sold


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