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Need To Address Type 1 Diabetic Women Sexual And Other Health Issues

Need To Address Type 1 Diabetic Women Sexual And Other Health Issues

By Sienna Haris

Type 1 diabetic people will have a higher risk of having sexual dysfunction with opposite sex among both women and men. But this risk is 100 percent preventable, and several treatments help reduce the risk.

Usually, among men, problems like nerve damage are caused during circulation, which are having common complications for patients with type 1 diabetes. In men, they might face sexual risks like ejaculation, impotence, and erection.

Need To Address Type 1 Diabetic Women Sexual And Other Health Issues

Usually, among women, sexual dysfunction occurs when they face a poorly controlled glucose level of blood, which might lead to nerve damage and have reduced blood flow with different hormonal changes and genitals.

Researchers say that both women and men can control their glucose levels in the blood in many ways to decrease the risk of sexual dysfunction, which is quite related to type 1 diabetes. Goldman-Levine is the lead researcher and author of this study; he says that “prevention is the best medicine” prevention matters for avoiding sexual dysfunction.

The study says that avoiding prevention will increase the risk and which results in much time to get treated and cured.

Men with erectile dysfunction might suffer from short-term episodes where impotence occurs in 1 among 10 men. In some cases, this problem is also considered libido. The term “impotence” is a signal which tells your psychological and physical condition and causes stress, low self-confidence, and relationship strain.

When men are caused with libido, they will have a sexual desire when it is influenced by psychological, social, and biological factors.

For these particular risks, doctor recommendations must be followed and should know how to maintain and monitor your glucose levels of blood. When a doctor says that you must have control over glucose levels in your blood, you must follow all the preventive methods and medications regularly to decrease the risk on the fastest side.

If the type 1 diabetic patient is not only suffering from sexual dysfunction but also having regular habits of smoking, etc., alternative medications were given to have a lifestyle change, and different treatments will be done to help alleviate the different problems.

Researchers say that compared to women and men, women who have limited effects from sexuality are suffering from type 1 diabetes compared to men because they are having well-documented complications.

The study has surveyed both women and men to know how many people have lead effects from sexual dysfunctioning; the result says that every second woman has the sexual dysfunction signs.

Anne Marie Wangel is the senior author of this study, says that “I prepared the survey questionnaire for people with age 45 to 66 years who are suffering from type 1 diabetes.”

Many treatment methods are introduced for both women and men; some of the diabetic sexual solutions for men are listed as “erectile dysfunction,” “erectile dysfunction with different treatment procedures,” and “retrograde ejaculation.” These all treatments are injected with current dosage among them where a vacuum pump is also recommended for placing the pellets into the urethra by injecting the penis during a surgery.

Among women, treatment methods are introduced as “Kegel exercises” and “vaginal lubricants,” these two preventive methods and treatments are used for treating vaginal pain or dryness with the help of vaginal lubricant, and when kegel exercises are performed regularly, the treatment helps you strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor which improves the sexual response in women.

The study explains that sexual dysfunction carries the link with low quality of depression and life followed by the low statistical association. Annual examinations should be focused on having great prevention from sexual dysfunctions.

Source: The NU Herald

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This website will be sold


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