Opportunity Reboot: A Community‐Based Evaluation Focused on Opportunity Youth

When Diversity is Not Enough: An Intersectional Examination of How Juvenile Legal System Actors of Color Experience the System’s Welfare Mandate for Girls of Color

The number of young people living in the margins of society reflects one of the most pressing social inequities of our time. Opportunity youth often face many complex challenges perpetrated by a range of systemic issues. These trajectories can be positively disrupted by surrounding youth with a cohesive web of relational and instrumental supports and spaces where their strengths and potential are seen. Opportunity Reboot, a technical assistance and program enhancement model, was developed to leverage the existing capacity and strengths of community programs to more effectively create pathways to school, career, and life success for opportunity youth. The impact of Opportunity Reboot was tested using a single-group, non-experimental design and a quasi-experimental design with propensity score matching. Findings established associations between opportunity youths’ experiences of three core Opportunity Reboot features and growth in select positive identity, social–emotional competencies, and skills for systems navigation outcomes. Opportunity Reboot youth were also more likely, on average, than comparison youth to be employed in the four quarters after endline data collection; this finding was even stronger when comparing youth of color in the Opportunity Reboot and comparison groups. This evaluation strengthens the evidence that program enhancement models like Opportunity Reboot hold promise for positively disrupting the lives of opportunity youth.

Source: Online Library, Wiley

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