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‘RHOD’ Season 5: Brandi Redmond and Jennifer Davis bond over matching vaginas, fans say ‘what a way to end 2020’

Trust to learn something new every time ‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ airs. The Bravo-backed show’s fifth season premiered this week and it set the tone for the coming weeks by just having Brandi Redmond and Jennifer Davis Long flash each other at a party but not before they were able to make the rest of the ladies awkward by having a conversation about how their lady parts look.

Brandi is upfront about her feelings, says she likes herself naked when Jennifer chimed in commenting that she would have felt the same if it weren’t for the drippy parts. When the housewives demanded a better explanation, both revealed that they have “gobblers” for vaginas.

What is a gobbler?

So, a Turkey is called a gobbler because of its changed, more like aged, physical appearance. Once it’s mature, it starts to show a bunch of loose skin around its neck that would often droop. While the ladies were trying hard to wrap their heads around what was being discussed, Brandi and Jennifer promptly left for the pantry to flash each other.

Brandi Redmond (Getty Images)

This was the exact moment that got fans weirded out and they have weighed in with questions and comments regarding the same on social media. “This new girl Jennifer is weird! who goes up to someone and shows them their vagina?? her and @BrandiRedmond are white trash! #RHOD,” a fan commented.

Another shared: “First episode & already tacky & trashy behavior. You really can’t get through a single lunch w/out heading to a closet to bare your vaginas & decide who has the biggest vagina gobbler? Really? @BrandiRedmond hates the word trashy but that is the only word for her behavior. #RHOD.”

“@BrandiRedmond vagina sharing and no handwashing is my new suicide #RHOD nasty as fuk @Andy,” a user posted, another expressed: “They’re comparing vaginas. What a way to end 2020 with this network. #RHOD.” “Gobbler? Red head vagina show? What is happening? @BravoTV #RHOD,” a fan tweeted.

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This website will be sold


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