Senior Women and Sexuality in the United States

This entry provides an overview of sex and sexuality in older adult women. Current prevalence rates within the United States, including details about facilitators and inhibitors to sexual activity and sexual interest in the aging are discussed. Furthermore, issues and difficulties regarding personal, social, and environmental contexts are provided to examine how ageist and stereotypical notions about sex impact comfort and willingness to discuss sexuality among senior women. Benefits of how sex and sexual activity in improving health and psychological well‐being in older age are also noted. Recommendations for clinicians and physicians which include providing basic sex education and using the five A’s (assess, advise, agree, assist, and arrange) approach are described to enhance medical encounters. Consideration of the increased representation of culturally, ethnically, and racially diverse older adult women in the United States, and abroad is encouraged to improve upon further research endeavors examining the nuances of sex and sexuality in older adult women.

Source: Online Library, Wiley

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