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Sexual Assault case sees conclusion as Vance is sentenced

MADISON – A Madison man was sentenced on Dec. 28 in relation to a case that involved an 11 year-old girl that initiated an investigation in April of 2019.

Boone County Circuit Judge William Thompson sentenced David Ray Vance, who was 46 at the time of his arrest to recurring sentences of no less than five years and no more than 25 years in prison couple with 50 years of supervised release. Vance was granted credit for time already served.

Vance pled guilty to two counts of sexual abuse in the first degree. Boone County Prosecuting Attorney Donna Taylor requested the maximum sentence for Vance in the case with no chance of an alternative sentencing.

At least three family members of the victim addressed Vance during the proceedings, including the victim’s parents who spoke directly of their daughter’s struggle and the overall impact on the family.

“You took everything from her…her childhood and being a child,” said her father emotionally.

Judge Thompson responded, “I appreciate the passion of the family but I especially appreciate the passion of the father,” he said to the court after the sentencing. “This is an 11 year-old little girl and this is inexcusable. Sexual contact with an 11 year-old. I just don’t understand it.”

Vance was given the floor to speak.

He said, “It shouldn’t have happened,” in a short statement to the court and the family of the victim.

Public defender David Lockwood cited an psychological evaluation of his client that resulted in what he termed as “low risk for hypersexual behavior or compulsive sexual behavior” and deemed him a candidate for an alternative sentencing like ”community supervision.”

The investigation was conducted by the Boone County Sheriff’s Office’s Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Division. The initial charges stemmed from what investigators referred to early in the investigation as “having sexual contact on at least three separate occasions” with the minor victim.

According to the Boone County Sheriff’s Office, during an interview with investigators Vance admitted to the inappropriate contact with the victim.

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This website will be sold


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