Sexuality and Migration

Drawing on an intersectional perspective, this chapter documents the many ways in which sexuality and migration inform each other. At the macrostructural level, the chapter illustrates that societies have a vested interest in regulating sexuality and migration as both are embryonic to the maintenance of boundaries, belonging, and citizenship. At the interpersonal level, the chapter shows that sexuality impels migration, and migration, in turn, influences changes in sexual identity, behavior, and practices. The chapter uses a historical framework that extends from the colonial era to the contemporary processes of globalization to scaffold the contentious connections between the Global North and the Global South today, and in the process, demonstrates the continuities and shifts between the two eras. The chapter shows that in both epochs, at the global level, the straight white male elite enjoy the most privileges at the expense of “others” – primarily other men of color, women, and LGBTQ communities.

Source: Online Library, Wiley

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