Sexuality and Religion

In this chapter, we examine interdisciplinary sexualities work from a global perspective to highlight how religion has impacted the social construction of sexuality in various ways. We find that previous sexualities and religion research generally falls within four categories: (i) politics and culture; (ii) religious organizations and their messages; (iii) demographics; and (iv) identity formation and negotiation. We discuss each category in detail and offer comparisons across countries and religions when possible. We conclude with a discussion of limitations and future directions, including the need for the inclusion of non‐US and non‐Christian perspectives as well as noting the problematic reliance observed within previous research on a sexual binary (heterosexual/homosexual) as the marker for the sexual tolerance of religious groups. We find that sexualities studies on religion is a growing field and close by offering several areas that merit future research.

Source: Online Library, Wiley

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