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Sleeping: What are the risks of sleeping less than 7 hours?

Sleeping: What are the risks of sleeping less than 7 hours?

A good night’s sleep is the key to wellbeing. But, as with many things in life, there is a fine line between not enough sleep and too much sleep. It is therefore recommended to sleep 7 hours a night.

What are the risks of sleeping less than 7 hours a night?

It is true that when we are young we have to sleep a different amount than when we are old, as our system changes over the years and so does our rhythm of life. But what happens when we are at an age when we need to sleep at a certain time, and we haven’t done so for days or even weeks or months? Here are some of the problems that can appear.

Lack of sleep leads to an increase in snacking, which is bad for the figure. Yes, the body lacks energy due to lack of sleep, which means that to compensate, we tend to eat sugary or fatty foods. The brain feeds on sugar and carbohydrates, and when there is an imbalance, whether hormonal or sleep, your body asks you to consume more calories to have enough energy to face the day.

Lack of sleep plays an important role in the proper functioning of our cognitive abilities. When you feel tired you don’t feel like doing anything, you feel the pressure in your head and even the pain is insane.

It is when our body rests that it produces the libido hormones involved in sexual desire. The less sleep we get, the less the body produces. This is also linked to headaches, as not sleeping well makes you feel very unwell, and sometimes you are not in a good mood to spend time with your partner, you feel more irascible. Several scientific studies reveal that lack of sleep tends to exacerbate negative reactions and, conversely, to diminish the impact of positive events in the brain.

  • Leads to depression, isolation and loneliness

Young people are the most affected. The tiredness will influence their social relationships and lead to isolation. Many people don’t know they have a sleep problem until their relationships, friendships and day-to-day leisure are affected. So if you have a sleep problem, and it lasts for a long time, it is always best to ask for help to find the best solution.

  • Risk of cardiovascular diseases

People with insomnia or insufficient sleep are said to have higher blood pressure and heart rate. Therefore, they are more exposed to cardiovascular diseases.

  • Weakening of the immune system

As we sleep, our body regenerates all the energy we have expended during the day, which is exactly the right time for the immune system to be strengthened. It is when we sleep that the body allows its immune system to regain its strength to act effectively.

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