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Sriti Jha explains what it is like to be an asexual

An old video of Sriti Jha has gone viral on social media where she has talked about being asexual. In the video, the actor has described her experiences and what she went through being asexual herself and how the people around her reacted to it. The video has received immense support and love from netizens, who are appreciating her for talking about asexuality in public.

Is Sriti Jha asexual?

Sriti Jha recited a poem, “Confessions of an Asexual Romantic”, at the 2020 Kommune India Spoken Fest. The actor narrates what being asexual is like and her struggles with sexuality. She explains in the poem that when she talked about it with her close ones, they always gave her ways to mend it.

The actor urged people not to try to fix asexual people as they have a different and separate identity. She also mentions in the poem that though she is asexual, she does not celebrate celibacy or hate sex. Watch the viral video Sriti Jha reciting her poem “Confessions of an Asexual” below.

Sriti Jha’s asexual poem

Netizens react

As soon as the video went up on the social media platform, a number of netizens gushed to it to leave their comments and reactions on the post. Numerous fans showered the post with love and support to the actor. A number of people also extended warm regards to the actor and praised her for speaking about the matter on a public platform. Check out some of the fans comments on the viral poem video by Sriti Jha below.

Several other people further sent heart and kiss emoticons to the actor and shared the videos among the fans of the actor. Many other people felt that the message in the poem was heartwarming and sent much love to her. Check out some of the fans comments on the viral poem video by Sriti Jha below.

What is asexuality?

According to a report in, asexuality is a sexual orientation where a person lacks sexual attraction towards any other person. This implies that an asexual person may not feel sexual attraction towards a person or the sexual attraction may be low. An asexual person could be attracted to people of the same gender or another gender or people of multiple genders but might not have a desire to be sexually involved with the person.

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This website will be sold


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