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Things that keep a woman’s sex life happy and healthy

Studies have always claimed that sex can improve heart health and boost your immunity as well. Regular sexual sessions with your partner can create an intimate connection that is also important for a healthy relationship. While all of this is taken into consideration, you must also understand what women, in specific, need for happy and healthy sex life.

The knowledge of your likes and dislikes in bed: Knowing what turns you on and what turns you off makes a great deal. The stimulation you need to move through the process of arousal, the positions you prefer and a partner who can understand it, can be very helpful. It is essential to communicate your desires to your partner. Try to use stimulating and arousing language with your lover to make the sexual experience even better. Masturbation can also help women learn what they like in bed and feel more empowered, sexually.

The ability to focus at the moment: Considering how everyone has been leading a hectic and high-stress lifestyle, it’s normal to get distracted when you’d want to focus on romance. Especially for women, it’s essential to focus and stay in the moment and for that, you need to tune out the noise. Relax your mind so that you can experience full arousal and orgasm. Also, women who practice meditation usually score higher on measures of sexual functions and desires.

Sexual self-confidence and positive body image: It can get challenging to enjoy sex for a woman if she doesn’t feel good about her body. Body image, including weight concern, physical condition, thoughts about the body during sexual activity, etc predicts sexual satisfaction in women. Exercising frequently and maintaining physical fitness can enhance attractiveness and increase energy levels. Both of these can make women feel better about themselves.

Emotional security and trust in the relationship: If you feel disconnected from your partner or worry about them cheating on you, it can be hard for you to enjoy sexual pleasures. This is why it is always better to have good communication with your partner and let them know of things that have been on your mind or the things that bother you. Eventually, you both can strengthen your emotional connection with such communication that can work in favour of your sex life.

To know your partner’s sexual health status: Of course, no one likes uncomfortable questions like, “when did you last get tested for STDs?” You can always choose to put a positive spin on such kind of discussions. Choose to say something like, “I find you really attractive and I’m interested in a relationship with you. But I need to fully enjoy myself for which I’d want to talk about our sexual histories.” If your partner isn’t open to discussion, they might not be the right person for you at all.

Source: Times of India

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This website will be sold


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